Jet Set Go!

If budget cuts don’t apply to you and you’re looking for the most unique and exclusive experiences in Norway, ask for our Director’s Programs. You will be offered the highest level service, accommodation, venues and experiences that are only available for the very lucky few.

Creative Action!

The beginning of this new year is a great time to reflect on what is blocking us from reaching our potential. Are you empowering your employees to be their best creative selves? Are you inspiring the people around you and are you inspired by those same people? Do you re-invent your events or are you…

Dare to think fresh!

So many companies talk about innovation, yet fail to implement it in their corporate events. When asking our clients about their corporate identity, vision & values, most replies are engaging, passionate and exciting. Why is it that, regardless of that, we are often requested to suggest a certain meeting frame – because it was always…

Check this out!

Our friends at Utopia & Fabel Media have created this fab film showcasing the Utopia Festival and The Stavanger Region!

The Journey Begins

The MICE guru is ready to plan and produce all your MICE activities in Norway! From concept design to post event follow-up, The MICE guru is in control every step of the way! A dash of luck is required to get The MICE guru’s assistance on your project; a select number of requests is accepted…